Latest Event

From 2021 June 27th to July 12th

Exhibition at the Hashimoto’s Museum,
Hakusa Sonso garden, Kyoto, Japan.
Inks, collages, spray, and watercolours on paper


6 May 2001

Exhibition at the Blue Parrot Gallery at Fudo San’s home, Kyoto,

Japan. Inks and pencil sketches on paper

4 May 2000

Exhibition at the Poster Museum at the KIT with Mr Takéuchi. Kyoto, Japan. Inks and B&W aerosols on large format paper

5 March 1999

Exhibition at the Sainte Geneviève des Bois Cultural Centre, France

Inks, aerosols and acrylic on wood

15 December 1998

Exhibition and concert in December 1998 at the Japan Foundation of Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia. Inks on paper